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Chevron Lubricants

The history of Chevron Texaco started in 1879. These days, it is one of the biggest integrated power companies in the world and employs over 55,000 people. It is involved in exploration, oil and gas production, refining, transportation, and sales of lubricants through the network of distributors. The company has branches in over 180 countries.

Chevron pays much attention to research and implementation of advanced power technologies. In 1984, Chevron designed and implemented a revolutionary method of base oil production. The company started making crystal pure base oils by its own ISOSYN hydroprocess technology. Lubricants based on this method have the properties of synthetic products.

The history of Chevron cannot be imagined without investment in creation of diesel oils for extremely severe operation conditions. They have always met the demands for operation properties, environment safety, and diesel motor maintenance.

Chevron lubricants have been acknowledged by equipment makers all over the world and outperform the operation requirements of international standards including API (USA), ACEA (EU), JASO (Japan), and ГОСТ (Russia).