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Program for Car Showrooms and Stores



We offer several fields for cooperation with car showrooms (stores). These are supplies of windshield wipers, lubricants, car chemicals and car cosmetics. Our objective is giving maximum benefit from cooperation with us to our partners.

For this purpose, we offer:

- Recommendations on choosing the product range and individual supplies
In virtue of many years of experience, available information on product movement and understanding of individual needs of our customers, our staff will select the best product range for you.
- Free weekly delivery
We offer several delivery options. Please choose the most convenient one. E.g., for delivery of small orders the city is divided into districts, each with its own delivery day. This way, you can have even a very small order delivered free of charge.
- Flexible system of discounts and delays
You may discuss the terms with our staff or offer your own terms of cooperation.
- Assistance
The company gives recommendations on sales, product layout and replies to technical questions. We can do it by phone, via the Internet or our employees can visit you. Creating sales promotion methods together is for the most active vendors and purchases.
- Advertising and shop equipment
One of the basic of successful trade is placing the goods right. We offer shop equipment for this purpose. You can choose one of the standard options or we will buy it for you. Options for cooperative advertising are discussed in a similar way.
- Supporting documents and catalogues of use.
 Discuss terms of cooperation or specify information you are interest.