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Valeo Windshield Wipers



Valeo Windshield Wipers

VALEO, a global industrial group, is a leader on the car parts and components market. The VALEO group comprises 130 plants and 54 research and development centers with over 72,000 people on staff. Windshield wipers hold an important place on VALEO’s product line. VALEO is a global leader on the OE (Original Equipment) market. VALEO supplies windshield wipers for assembly lines of well-known car manufacturers, e.g. Audi A6, BMW Serie 5 (E60), Mercedes CLK (C209), Class C (W203), Renault Scenic 2003, etc. All the products offered to the secondhand market of car parts are made on an assembly line which technical specifications are the same as those of OE components. The product range consists of a number of series including Silencio, Compact, winter windshield wipers, and revolutionary elastic XTRM.

Valeo Silencio creates windshield wipers based on a new technology of natural rubber processing with a graphite rubber elements and have a wear indicator. An anti-ageing substance is applied to metallic elements. Windshield wipers from this group are mainly supplied to assembly lines of car manufacturers.
Valeo Compact produces windshield wipers with the best price-quality ratio.
Winter windshield wipers are products made for severe winter weather. For more safety and convenience in winter, they have a frost indicator, and the rubber element is made of water-repellent rubber to avoid freezing in the windshield.
Valeo XTRM is a new generation of windshield wipers. Since 2001, over 1.6 million cars with these wipers have left the assembly lines. By 2010, these wipers will be installed on most of the new cars. This is due to superb aerodynamic and acoustic data. Thanks to an ultraflat design and an integrated anti-lift system, which varies the holddown strength of the wiper depending on the car speed, the noise from its operation is reduced by 3 dB at speed of 150 km/h. Valeo XTRM have a wear indicator. Accurate repetition of curves and perfect contact with the windshield guarantee high quality wiping. As there are no metallic elements, the wipers can be used effectively even in winter. Valeo XTRM is optimum visibility at any weather and driving speeds.