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Permatex Car and Industrial Materials



Permatex Car and Industrial Materials

The PERMATEX Company started working in 1909. In 1972, the company was bought by LOCTITE. In 1999, LOCTITE was purchased by Henkel. PERMATEX spin-off was part of the transaction. Today PERMATEX has its own production and research centers in 45 countries and employs over 50,000 people.

The company makes high quality products that are used on assembly lines of Ford, GMC, Caterpillar, Mercedes and other car makers. The quality has been tested in extreme conditions with INDYNASCAR race cars. and

There are always over 300 articles of products available:

- Hand cleaners
- Seal shapers and joint fillers
- Thread and plug retainers
- Glues and joint fillers
- Products for repair of car glasses, heat radiators, fuel tanks, parts of brake and exhaust systems, electric systems, etc.